Hey, my name is Yaroslav (Slava) Tkachenko, I was born in Russia and I’m currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

I’m a software engineer & architect, at the moment Principal Software Engineer at Goldsky.

I like data engineering and distributed systems, you can find more info about what I do below and in my resume.

I also write a blog and present at conferences and meetups.

A bit more

I love to travel! Starting from 2012 I visited 17 countries and adding more. I’m an occasional photographer.

Mentoring and teaching is something I always excited to do, either in my current company via conversations, workshops, 1-to-1s and lunch & learns or public speaking. Writing is a big part of me too, at the moment I use my blog for that, but I hope that once I’ll have time and expertise to write a book. That also means that I read A LOT, mostly professional stuff, fiction (sci-fi, fantasy) and non-fiction (I like history and biographies).

Manchester United FC fan since 2002 ;–)