Microservice With Akka, Spray and Camel

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Microservices architecture is a popular trend right now. I don’t want to repeat anything about microservices in general, but instead I want to introduce an example project of a microservice based on Akka, Spray and Camel.

akka-microservice is based on one of the Typesafe Activator templates, but it’s very (really) simple and very easy to learn – just go and checkout the codebase. It doesn’t contain any front-end parts, just pure Scala.

Application has a lot of handy stuff:

  • Easy to test Akka system with a sample actor
  • Spray-based RESTful API with full CORS support
  • Actor and API sample tests
  • Camel/ActiveMQ extension for a handy integration with Akka system
  • Typesafe config with different profiles for production and testing environments
  • Logback-SLF4J logging
  • Sbt assembly plugin for JAR-file creation with custom merge strategy

So it’s focused more on production usage, you can just take the project, rename a few files & packages and it’s ready to be deployed! Just write your actors and routes. Happy hAkking! :)