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RSS is not dead. At least not for me :) I use NewsBlur to track and read 50+ various feeds – tech, travel, personal blogs. Today I want to share a list of software engineering blogs that I find very helpful and keep in my list for a long time. – Netflix has one of the best blogs. They always post very interesting articles explaining their architectural decisions in depth. – another must read, Martin Fowler. I don’t think he needs introduction :) – distributed systems explained (and ruined). His Jepsen series is a great practical introduction to distributed computing and related problems. He proves that everything can be broken (well, except Zookeeper). – lots of “real life architectures” – reviews that explain modern scalable architectures from different companies, from startups to enterprises. – less actual engineering, but it’s important to be informed about new GitHub features, right? – AirBnB shares interesting details about problems they solve. – the same from Etsy, their Performance Reports series is pretty unique. – insights from Uber, always in detail. – diverse topics from PayPal. – another really diverse blog from HootSuite: JVM, DevOps, front-end, etc. – really great content, sometimes not about engineering at all, but take a look! – must have stream of updates if you use Amazon Web Services. – good DevOps and Scala content, weekly digests! – obviously useful only if you use Akka ;–) or planning to.

As a bonus a few great personal blogs: