Another “Year in Review” post, again mostly focused on professional life & tech stuff (since it’s a tech blog 😉). Check 2016 here.

Mobify -> Demonware (Activision) Link to this heading

So, I’ve left Mobify and joined Demonware (which is a subsidiary of Activision or Activision Blizzard, Inc. to be more precise).

Mobify is a great company that builds great products. I really enjoyed my work there, but I felt like the company’s direction hasn’t always matched with my skills very well.

Demonware is probably one of a few companies in Vancouver that deal with really large-scale systems. I’ve been tackling very challenging projects so far, I wrote about it here, so I’m not going to repeat myself.

Interviews Link to this heading

I’ve applied to 5+ companies before joining Demonware and I discovered that companies with great interview process and amazing recruiters are EVEN MORE RARE than companies doing DevOps right 😱

I don’t want to mention any names, but every single company where I applied is very well known around the world.

Still, one recruiter completely disappeared and stopped answering me after rescheduling the initial interview a few times.

Another recruiter couldn’t reply to me in 8 DAYS (!!!) on the last stage (!) of the interview process (with a few emails from me during those 8 days), only returning to say that the head of engineering (who was supposed to do the final interview) is on vacation and we need to reschedule. You can say that 8 days is probably not horrible, but how are you going to get engineers if you’re not Amazon/Google/Facebook in this case? It’s very likely the engineer you’d want to hire already has a few offers, and she is not going to wait for many weeks.

Blog Link to this heading

One of my resolutions was to write more in this blog. And I miserably failed 😞 In my defence I want to say that I was very successful at public speaking opportunities (also new job meant more time researching & reading).

I’m pretty happy with the blog setup I implemented last year, now I can publish with a single ./ command (which distributes content over AWS CloudFront CDN within seconds).

Some annual stats about the blog:

  • Pageviews: 15220
  • Average session duration: 42 seconds
  • Top 5 countries: USA, Canada, India, Germany, UK
  • New / Returning visitor ratio: 71 / 29

Conferences / Talks / Workshops Link to this heading

A lot of events visited in 2017 (I highlighted all where I presented):

  • Microxchg Conference (Berlin)
  • Craft Conf (Budapest)
  • Scala Up North (Vancouver)
  • AWS User Group (Vancouver) x4
  • Full Stack Conference (Toronto)
  • Polyglot Unconference (Vancouver)
  • Kubernetes Meetup (Vancouver)
  • Erlang & Elixir Meetup (Vancouver)
  • ConFoo Conference (Vancouver)

Things I Learned Link to this heading

  • The borderline between server & client JavaScript is becoming thinner
  • Big Data tools is probably the biggest Scala driver
  • Java 8 is (surprisingly) a pretty usable and solid language
  • Anyone can learn bash scripting (even me)
  • Kubernetes Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Knowing more about the Linux internals does make you a better software engineer
  • Properly designed microservices is not a sacred knowledge anymore
  • DevOps is still really hard. If you have a “DevOps team”, then you’re doing it wrong
  • Like: Kafka, Spark, Flink, Kubernetes, Redis, HTTP2
  • Dislike: Hadoop ecosystem